Your standard, mass-market beer recipe is simple: add grains and hops to hot water, cool, add yeast, and let ferment. If you're double dry-hopping a double IPA or pitching lactobacillus in a Kettle Sour, things get a little more complicated, but the general idea is still largely the same.

Hudson Valley Brewery in Beacon, New York takes a slightly different track. Since opening in 2016, they've been producing some of the most unique, daring, and all-around best beer in the state, if not the country, with a unique approach to brewing – and, more importantly, blending.



What Color Shoes to Wear with Your Suit - Bespoke Post

It's a question that's plagued dressed-up guys for as long as there have been dressed-up guys: what color shoes go with what color suit?

Are navy and black ever ok to wear together? Do brown shoes go with everything? What about different shades – does it matter if my suit is light or dark gray? How about light or dark brown leather for the shoes? And how the hell do socks factor into the equation – are they supposed to match your shoes or your suit pants? Both? Neither?



So you've read our beginner's guide to understanding whiskey, have a rough idea of the types you like, and are ready to branch out. Time to mix up some cocktails.

These five are all tried-and-true classics that have been around for ages, and use whiskey as their base. They're also all fairly simple, which is good for two reasons:

  1. They're easy to remember (and easier still to make). No complicated ingredient lists or twenty-step preparations – just a few versatile components and a quick stir or shake. Memorize them, and you'll be able to confidently order a quality drink in any bar or impress your guests the next time you have people over.

  2. The simplicity allows the whiskey to take center stage. You can use the good stuff and, while it'll certainly be less upfront than if you drank it neat, still appreciate the subtleties.

Now, onto the recipes.